Taylor Swift’s “Paper Rings” Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift’s “Paper Rings” is a touching love song in which Swift is expressing genuine sentiments of lifelong devotion to her significant other. The way she does so is by using the imagery of paper rings.

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A paper ring is of absolutely no monetary value. However, she is telling this person that she would marry him even if he presented her with one instead of a conventional marriage ring formed from expensive materials. Or another way of looking at it is that the songstress is not interested in deriving anything from this individual outside of his love and likewise commitment. And another interesting idea she puts forth is that their past failed relationships and even current “fights and flaws” actually contribute to the strengthening of their union.

Is “Paper Rings” about Joe Alwyn?

Of course there has been speculation that this song is actually about someone in Swift’s life. And in that regard, the prevailing theory is that it is actor Joe Alwyn, whom she started dating in 2016. That would be the logical conclusion. Thus fans also hypothesize that “Paper Rings” in particular may be a foretelling of the celebrity couple soon tying the knot.

But regardless of who or if she is addressing someone in particular, this is a love song with a timeless meaning. And that is that true romantic love is not based on the income bracket of the person someone may be in love with.

Lyrics of "Paper Rings"

Release Date of “Paper Rings”

“Paper Rings” came out on 23 August 2019 as the eighth song on the playlist of Taylor’s album “Lover”.

Writing and Production Credits

Taylor Swift and her collaborator/friend Jack Antonoff both wrote and produced “Paper Rings”.

NOTE: There is reportedly a reference in the lyrics to Swift assisting Joe Alwyn in painting his little brother’s room. That reference can be found in the following lyrics:

Paper Rings

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