Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street” Lyrics Meaning

Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street” is based on a type of thought process we all experience – associating a particular location from the past with a certain individual. More specifically, the sentiment that Taylor is putting forth is that losing a friend she once had at the titular site has created a situation where she can no longer imagine returning to that place. Indeed she cannot even visit the city where Cornelia Street is located without the entire area reminding her of her former buddy.

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This particular relationship apparently ended when one day Taylor inexplicably “packed” up and left the addressee behind. So we can assume that part of her grievances is based on internal feelings of guilt.

But what it all boils down to is that, once again, she cannot ever go back to Cornelia Street. As aforementioned, even stepping into the city where it is located causes her to be rushed by emotions. And these feelings are sourced in the reality that she misses a relationship with someone whom she apparently deserted.

Real Cornelia Street

The real-life Cornelia Street that is referenced in this song would most likely be the address of an apartment Taylor Swift rented in New York City in 2016.

Based on that fact and additional evidence, fandom has concluded that that the specific person whom she is most likely being addressing in this song is her bestie, supermodel Karlie Kloss.

Lyrics of "Cornelia Street"

What Taylor Swift has said about this emotional track

Below are Taylor’s exact words about this song:

Taylor Swift on "Cornelia Street"

Release Date of “Cornelia Street”

Republic Records in partnership with Taylor Swift Productions released “Cornelia Street” as part of Swift’s critically acclaimed album Lover on 23 August 2019. This tune didn’t come out as a single. Swift released only three singles from Lover. They are:

 Writing and Production Credits

This is one of three songs on the album which Taylor Swift solely wrote in its entirety. She also produced the track alongside her regular collaborator, Jack Antonoff.

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