“Circles” by SEVENTEEN 

This K-pop piece (“Circles”), even as translated by Genius, is not the easiest to understand word-for-word. But the overall sentiment is ascertainable and is indeed one we commonly come across via Korean musicians. And that is, most simply explained, the concept of the vocalist and addressee holding each other down in hard times.

In these kinds of songs, the exact identity of the addressee is never revealed. But as inferred, it would be someone akin to Seventeen’s fans or more generally, a listener who is going through the same type of depression and loneliness that the vocalist is suffering from. 

And again, the message being put force is one akin to the two of them facing those challenges together. Or as implied, music is an effective way to mitigate sadness. So what Woozi and the boys are instructing listeners to do is “sing together” with them.


Furthermore, concerning the title, what they’re also putting forth is an idea like emotions move in cycles. Therefore, they are confident that the melancholy which defines today is not a lasting one. But in the meantime, the vocalists are here to emotionally support the addressee(s), presumably, as it would seem, through song.

Lyrics of SEVENTEEN's "Circles"

When did SEVENTEEN release “Circles”?

This song was released on 18 July 2022 through Pledis Entertainment as part of Seventeen’s album “Sector 17”, which is the repackaged reissue of an LP they dropped earlier in the year called “Face the Sun”. 


“Circles” was written by Seventeen member Woozi alongside one of the band’s regular collaborators in Bumzu, as well as another artist known as Nmore.

Something Noteworthy:

Seventeen, the 13 member boy band from South Korea, has thus far had a very successful year. For instance, the aforementioned “Face the Sun” was a chart topper in South Korea and Japan, and it also reached the summit of Billboard’s US World chart.


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