“Hand Me Downs” by Mac Miller (ft. Baro Sura)

In “Hand Me Downs”, Mac Miller is addressing a romantic interest. This is made most evident in the first verse and chorus, with the latter being recited by Baro Sura. And based on the chorus especially it can be deemed that this is someone he truly cares about. At some point, it even seems he’s contemplating starting a family with. Indeed “hand me downs”, as used within the context of the lyrics, seems to be a metaphor based on his desire to have children with this lady. 

But that being said most of Mac’s lyrics, as is his perennial nature, are actually centered on his own mental disposition. For instance, after kicking it to homegirl in the first verse, he then switches the narrative to instead focus on how he tends to ‘break down’ what he ‘builds’. 

Meanwhile the second verse in particular gives us a glimpse into how his mind oft switches from the positive to the negative. But again in keeping within the overall theme of the track, it appears he is giving these details for the express purpose of letting his romantic interest know how his mind works before they get more deeply involved.  That is to say that he has found someone who cares about him and who he also really likes. And as such he’s hoping to take their relationship to a more long-term level.

Lyrics of "Hand Me Downs"

Facts about “Hand Me Downs”

Warner Records released “Hand Me Downs” as part of Mac’s first posthumous project “Circles” on 17 January 2020.

It is the only track on the album where Mac features another artist, an Australian musician by the name of Baro Sura.

The production of “Hand Me Downs” was handled by Mac and Jon Brion.

Mac also wrote the song alongside Baro Sura and G. Stevenson.

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