“Complicated” by Mac Miller

If you’re familiar with the works of Mac Miller, then you have probably have already correctly deduced that what he is applying the titular characteristic to is life itself. As such, this song is centered on the artist deciding to take things one day at a time as opposed to getting too far ahead of himself by pondering on the future. Such an ideology is based on him having a tendency to be emotionally overwhelmed by the ‘complications’ which everyday life tend to throw his way. 

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One circumstance he speaks to in particular is what reads as if it is a case of unrequited love. That is he has fallen for a lady who has another dude(s) on the side. 

But in its entirety this song is not romantic in nature. Instead perhaps the best way to describe it is as being indicative of Mac’s overall frustration with life. But again in the name of self-preservation (i.e. not aging too fast), he has decided to do his best not to be overtaken by various, ever-present stressors.

Lyrics of "Complicated"

Writing Credits

“Complicated” was written and produced by Mac Miller alongside his trusty companion, Jon Brion.

Release Date of “Complicated”

This track is featured on Mac Miller’s posthumous album “Circles”. The album came out through Warner Records on 17 January 2020.

“Complicated” wasn’t released as a single. The only single “Circles” produced was a song titled “Good News“.

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