“That’s on Me” by Mac Miller

“That’s on Me” is featured on a project that actually came out about a year and-a-half after Mac Miller (1992-2018) died. So arguably the lyrics may not have been complete in his eyes. That is to say that they are so ambiguous that it is a challenge to discern definitively what he is talking about. But that being said, some have hypothesized that in “That’s on Me” the artist is actually prophesying his own death. That may be a stretch, but there is some language contained therein, such as his reference to a certain step of obviously metaphysical “stairs”, which can be interpreted as such. 

But overall the title and chorus suggest that he is taking the blame for something. Yet what exactly he has deemed to be ‘his fault’ is not specified.  But interesting to note is that he did in fact die of a drug overdose. So going back to the theorized prophetic nature of this tune, perhaps it can be said that he foresaw accidentally taking his own life. But ultimately, this song definitely seems to be focused on the artist’s mental struggles, which is the one topic he tended to harp on the most. And as usual, he also offers to help others who are similarly afflicted while fighting his own psychological battles. 

So perhaps what “That’s on Me” is really intended to represent is the type of self-defeating mentality which is usually part and parcel of being depressed.  That is to say the singer is a victim of depression but is blaming himself for being so challenged.

Lyrics of "That's on Me"

Writing and Production of “That’s on Me”

“That’s on Me” was written by Mac Miller. He also produced the track alongside his regular collaborator, Jon Brion.

Release Date

This song is featured on Mac’s first posthumous project, “Circles”. And the track was released with that album, by Warner Records, on 17 January 2020. It wasn’t released as a single. “Good News” is the only song from the entire album to have supported the album as an official single.

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