“Rock with You” by SEVENTEEN

The lyrics of SEVENTEEN’s “Rock with You” read sort of incohesive, which we will presume is the result of us relying on an English translation it as opposed to the Korean original. But despite this piece coming off as a bit incoherent thematically, still all of the wording points to the same idea.  And that would be the singer’s love for the addressee which, all lyrics considered, would definitely be romantic in nature. 

And he goes on to make a few very bold statements in that regard. And apparently the reason why the crew decided to use the metaphor “rock with you” to get that point across is because the term “rock” is ubiquitous enough as a colloquialism to point to both the ideas of romance and dancing, with this tune likewise being a dance song.

"Rock with You" Lyrics
SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan explains "Rock with You"

Quick and Interesting Facts about “Rock with You” and SEVENTEEN

South Korea’s Pledis Entertainment put this track out as the lead single from Seventeen’s EP Attacca, which is their tenth, on 22 October 2021. 

One member of the group, Woozi, contributed to the composition of the song. And the other writers of Rock with You are as follows:

  • Kim In Hyun
  • Joshua
  • Josh McClelland
  • Matt Terry
  • Tim Tan
  • Cameron Walker
  • Jordan Witzigreuter
  • Vernon

Seventeen’s labelmate, Bumzu also contributed to the writing of “Rock with You”.

The international success of Seventeen may not be on par with some of their K-pop contemporaries, but they have proven phenomenally successful in their own right. For instance, their seven studio projects leading up to Attacca were all chart toppers in their native South Korea, as were all three of the studio albums they have put out thus far.

Seventeen consists of 13 members, who are all currently in their early to mid-20s. They formed back in 2015 when the bandmates were in their teens. Below is a list of the current official members of Seventeen:

  • DK
  • Hoshi
  • Jeonghan
  • Joshua
  • Jun
  • Mingyu
  • S. Coups
  • Seungkwan
  • The 8
  • Vernon
  • Wonwoo
  • Woozi
  • Dino
Rock with You

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    • Lex says:

      If you’re talking about that he’s not on the list of the group members names then yea he is. He’s at the bottom of the list.

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