“Coming Home” by HONNE (ft. NIKI)

Whom the vocalist is addressing in “Coming Home” would most commonly be understood, considering the terminology involved, as a significant other. However, it can be more generally taken that (s)he’s speaking to some other type of loved one, such as perhaps a child. 

And what he is basically doing, as implied by the title, is promising to ‘come home’ to this individual. And the reason the vocalist is compelled to do so is because he is caught up in some type of occupation that requires him to be away from home. He considers that aspect of his job to be “the hardest part”. 

And try as he might, past attempts have proven that he is not always able to make it home to the addressee, even at times he earnestly wants to.

So taking into account that the vocalists are in fact musicians, how this song has been interpreted is as alluding to one of the less-than-ideal realities of living a touring lifestyle, which is not being able to ample spend time at home with one’s family. 

But as for the lyrics themselves, the singers never go as far as to state what type of endeavor they engaged in. Thus the sentiments involved can be applied to anyone who is forced to miss their “baby” due to whatever it is ‘that they do’, i.e. the vocalist’s occupation.

Lyrics to "Coming Home" by HONNE


Honne is a duo of musicians, James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, hailing from the United Kingdom. More specifically they come from London. The duo specializes in the electronic music genre, which has proven to be especially popular in Europe during the 2010s, and Honne tracing their origins back to 2014.

Honne has had some notable success throughout the years. For instance, with their debut full-length, “Warm on a Cold Night” (2016), made it onto the top 40 of the UK Albums Chart. Also to note, honne is actually a Japanese term which translates to “true feelings”.


Meanwhile Niki is a singer from Indonesia. She moved to the United States in her late teen and is down with 88rising. 88rising is a label that specializes in Asian-American pop/hip-hop artists. 

And she has actually collaborated with Honne before. This was on a 2020 track which is colorfully entitled iloveyoumorethanicansay

Coming Home

Facts about “Coming Home”

“Coming Home” was released on 27 August 2021.

One of the labels behind this song, Tatemae Records, was founded by Honne circa 2015. The other participating label is Atlantic Records. 

And similar to the track referenced above, this particular song is from an album that also has a pretty-extended title. The said title is Let’s Just Say the World Ended a Week from Now, What Would You Do?

The music video to “Coming Home” was directed by Jay Green.

The members of Honne are individually credited as the writers of this song along with another musician known as Capi. And Capi also lent to the production of the track in conjunction with Honne, who in that regard are credited as a unit.

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