Meaning of “Anaheim” by NIKI

What appears to be going down on NIKI’s “Anaheim” is that the vocalist has met someone, i.e. the addressee, who is an ideal romantic interest. And apparently, this individual is very much down to spark up a full-fledged, committed romance with Niki.

But the problem, as most clearly implied in the first pre-chorus, is that she’s in love with someone else.  And as the lyrics as a whole imply, that someone else would be Niki’s ex, who she has yet to get over.

So the title, in a roundabout way, points to the singer’s desire to reach a point whereas her heart is no longer preoccupied with her former lover, as a new, ‘heroic’ prospect stands before her. But ultimately, Niki doesn’t sound very confident in that regard. 

Or put otherwise, she may one day be able to move on with her romantic life, but by the looks of things, that day is not going to be anytime soon. So rather than commit to a new partner she knows she can’t rightfully love, the singer rather decides to spare him the discomfort of investing in a romance she knows she cannot give her all to.

“But I’d give anything to stop time
And drive around Anaheim at sundown
To teach my mind to put you first
Here you are, a hero
You wanna be my new home
But baby, let up, I won’t ever recognize these roads
‘Cause I am lost, but not in you
Yes, I am lost, but not in you”

Release Date of “Anaheim” by NIKI

“Anaheim” marks the seventh track on the playlist of NIKI’s sophomore full-length album “Nicole”. August 12 of 2022 is the official release date of this song. This is the same album on which you can find NIKI’s track “Backburner“.

Writing and Production

The song was authored and produced by NIKI, who was assisted by Jacob Ray for the latter task.


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