Lose by NIKI

Niki’s “Lose” clearly reads like a love song. Here, she comes off as someone who has come to the hard conclusion that despite the strong feelings she has for her significant other, she does not want to continue their association. Or based on the second verse especially, it can be said that she’s in a toxic relationship. So accordingly, she has basically decided to dump her partner. And the title of the song points to the idea of her acknowledging that they have indeed lost, i.e. engaged in a relationship that has ultimately failed.

But that being said the project this track is featured on, “Moonchild”, is actually a concept album. And on this song, Niki is portraying the role of the titular character (Moonchild), and she is “speaking to her guardian, The Moon”. In other words, the way she describes the lyrics aren’t as romantic per se but rather as generally being based on getting fed up with “a tumultuous relationship”. And the “Moonchild” album as a whole basically centers on Niki’s personal evolution.

So in combining all of these ideas, we can conclude that at some point in her life the singer was perhaps caught up in a troubled romance. But ultimately she considers escaping it as being an important chapter in her personal story.

Who wrote “Lose”?

Starsmith, a musician from Britain, served as both a writer and producer of Lose.  Production-wise he worked in conjunction with Bēkon. And lyrically he penned the tune alongside Natalia Kills and Niki.

Issue Date

This track is featured on Niki’s maiden full-length album, “Moonchild”. It was released as the third single from that project on August 13th, 2020. And its release was made possible by the following record labels:

  • 12Tone Music
  • 88rising

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