“lowkey” by NIKI

This track is based on a desire by the artist to keep a romance she is engaged in “low-key”. This is her way of saying that “no one’s got to know” that the she and her partner are even involved. This is not only due to her not being the gossiping type, as in getting mixed up in that “he said, she said bullsh*t”.  But also, likely in reference to her own celebrity, she wants to “dodge all the tabloids”. 

Indeed what Niki seems to be primarily concerned about is her love interest perceiving her as his “queen” and making a lasting commitment to her. She also wants them to share a “king-size(d)” bed in “secret”. So apparently the artist views romantic discretion, such as a lack of PDA, as being part and parcel of achieving these goals.

It should also be noted that Niki is approaching this song from a “coy” perspective. As such, her own modesty is also a contributing factor to her deciding the keep things “low-key”.

Lyrics of "lowkey"

Facts about “lowkey”

  • “lowkey”, which was released on the 24th day of April 2019, is the first song NIKI dropped in the aforementioned year.
  • The record label behind the track is 88rising, which specializes in working with artists of Asian descent (with NIKI being Indonesian).
  • NIKI wrote this track alongside songwriter Maisie Peters.
  • NIKI also produced “lowkey” in collaboration with a music producer named Z3N.

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