“Coney Island” by Taylor Swift (ft. The National)

“Coney Island” is a location in New York City which is home to a famous amusement park. However, this song is not about it being a tourist destination or anything like that.  Rather “a bench in Coney Island” basically serves as a symbol of the singers’ respective heartbreak. It is the place where they find themselves “wondering” exactly what went wrong in their relationship. And fundamentally, they both feel it is their own fault for neglecting the other. But the bottom line is no matter what actually lent to the dissolution of their romance, they now find themselves in a distraught emotional state over losing the one they love.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Taylor Swift's Coney Island at Lyrics.org.

This track marks Swift’s first collaboration with The National, a band from Cincinnati.  And the song was written by Swift along with two core members of the group, Bryce Dessner and Aaron Dessner. And the other writer of “Coney Island” would be Taylor’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Twin brothers Bryce and Aaron Dessner are also the producers of “Coney Island”, with the song being released on 11 December 2020 as part of Taylor Swift’s album “Evermore.  And the label responsible for the release is Republic Records.

This track serves as a duet between Swift and The National lead singer, Matt Berninger.

Was “Coney Island” released as a single from its album?

No. At the time of the album’s release, Taylor released only one song (“Willow“) as a single to support “Evermore”.

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