“Conversations in the Dark” by John Legend

Coming from John Legend, you have probably already correctly deduced from this track’s title (“Conversations in the Dark”) that it is a love song. Its specific setting, at least in the first verse, is a couple spending a loving nights together. And during these encounters they “have conversations in the dark”, which points to the idea of the two of them basically chillin’ and relishing each other’s dialogue. 

Indeed they are so into each other that they lose interest in what’s going on around them, such as the movie playing on the television. And this sentiment extends into the daylight, as even on Sunday mornings when they’re supposed to be out meeting appointments they instead opt to “sleep in ’til noon’. And one particular characteristic the singer gives about his partner is something along the lines of she having self-esteem issues. Or as he puts it, she does not feel she’s worthy of so much attention from him. But he feels the exact opposite way and through it all is pledging to love her always.

Lyrics of "Conversations in the Dark"

Production and Writing Credits

The producers of this song are Pom Pom and Greg Wattenberg. The latter also contributed to its lyrical composition alongside John Legend and three other composers. The full list of writing credits for this song is as follows:

  • P. Pom
  • G. Wattenberg
  • J. Legend
  • J. Fink
  • C. Pena
  • K. Pomeranz

Release Date of “Conversations in the Dark”

Columbia Records and John Legend Music officially released “Conversations in the Dark”, as a autonomous single, on 10 January 2020.

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