“Lightning & Thunder” by Jhené Aiko (ft. John Legend)

In “Lightning & Thunder”, Jhené Aiko and John Legend play the role of two lovers who have obviously broken up some time ago. And for the most part, what they are doing throughout is expressing amazement and honestly discomfort that despite such, they respectively retain strong feelings for each other. Indeed they liken the experience to being put under a “spell” by the other individual. 

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So basically, what we have here is a case of two exes who simply miss each other to a great degree. And overall, they are saying that this reality is “just like lightning and thunder”. And whereas the exact meaning of this metaphor is never specified, it likely points to the idea of these still-existent feelings being a considerable disturbance in their lives. 

So conclusively, what this all boils down to is that these two former lovers totally lack the wherewithal to get over each other.

Facts about “Lightning & Thunder”

“Lightning & Thunder” marks the first time R&B superstars Jhené Aiko and John Legend have teamed up.

Both artists also contributed to the writing of this song. Aiko and Legend wrote this song along with Ross James and two of its co-producers. The latter are the musical duo Mac Robinson and Brian Warfield (aka The Fisticuffs).

And the other co-producer is Lejkeys.

Def Jam Records put “Lightning & Thunder” out on 6 March 2020 as part of Jhené’s hit album, “Chilombo”.

NOTE: Aiko’s label didn’t release “Lightning & Thunder” as a single. The above-mentioned project was accompanied by 4 official singles, including the hit “None of Your Concern“.

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