“Written in the Stars” by John Legend & Wendy

“Written in the Stars” is a love ballad featuring the vocals of American music icon John Legend and K-pop star Wendy from the group Red Velvet.  K-pop is a term generally used to describe popular music from South Korea. The lyrics of the song tell the tale of star-crossed who can’t seem to connect due to suppressed feelings. This ballad marks the first time a K-pop star collaborated with a major American artist for a mainstream release.  Here are other facts about this song:

Facts about “Written in the Stars”

  • Despite Wendy hailing from South Korea, “Written in the Stars” is sung entirely in English.Wendy’s fluency in English comes from her spending part of her life in Canada and the United States as a student.
  • This ballad can also be interpreted as a song about two lovers whose feelings remain strong despite being separated by time and distance.
  • Despite its mainstream American appeal, the track was released by SM Station, a South Korean record label.
  • The song is highlighted by guitar instrumentals.
  • K-pop star Wendy was overwhelmed by having the opportunity to work so closely with a globally recognized musician like John Legend on this particular track.
  • The track was produced by record producer Rice N’ Peas.
  • The official release date for “Written in the Stars” was 19 October 2018. The song comes off SM Station’s Station X 0album, which was released in 2018.
  • This R&B ballad was actually written by songwriters Kiana Brown and Santoy. Neither John Legend nor Wendy contributed to the writing of this track.


Is there an official music video for “Written in the Stars”?

Yes there is, and you can watch it below:


This video can be viewed on YouTube via SM Entertainment’s official channel.

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