“Be Like That” by Kane Brown (with Khalid and Swae Lee)

The sentiment which is at the center of this song is “sometimes it be like that”. This statement is akin to let’s say que sera sera or it is what it is. Simply put, it’s an acknowledgement that whereas a situation may not be ideal, those involved have limited power to change it. And in the case of this track, said situation would be the romantic relationships which the vocalists are in. 

The way the lyrics read are as if they have partners whom they constantly quarrel with – so much so that it reaches the point where both parties want to terminate the relationship. But the reality of the matter is that they are all in fact in love. So at the end of the day, the overall scenario reads as if they are caught up in a worrying cycle of breakup than make-up.

Quick Facts

Khalid has worked with Swae Lee in the past and on a separate track by Kane Brown.  However, “Be Like That” marks the first time Swae Lee and Kane Brown have worked together.

“Be Like That” was written by Khalid, Swae Lee, Eskeerdo and the track’s two producers, Charlie Handsome and Mike Will Made-It.

This track was released as a standalone single on July 10th, 2020.

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