“Dance Like No One’s Watching” by Swae Lee

This tune is about living your life without the fear of being monitored by another person (a sense of freedom).

It begins with the rapper talking about how he is going to stay winning till his time of death. He also depicts his appreciation for his crew and friends by the use of the word “Handshakes” in the verse. He further shows his displeasure for his old crew and yet maintains that he does not have any negative mind towards them. In the concluding line of the verse, he stresses on the fact that he is free.

In the next verse, he portrays his freedom by doing things society may frown upon. In the latter part of the stanza, he explains that, not everybody needs to know what you are up to; he also goes on to say once you have made it you will get everything you have always wanted.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the point of living life the way you want and not caring about what others will say.

“Dance Like No One’s Watching” was written by Swae Lee alongside the song’s producers:

  • Broadday
  • AB Tha Producer

Songwriter, Amonte Potter is also credited as a co-writer.

The song was afterwards released on September 25, 2020. It is a product of Swae’s album named “Human Nature”.

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