“DiE4u” by Bring Me The Horizon

The way most of the lyrics of “DiE4u” comes off is as if the vocalist is in a troubled romantic relationship with the addressee. So as a testament to his dedication, he is stating a willingness to “die for” her, if need be, as the title suggests.

However the bridge, more so than any other part of this piece, steers the listener in an alternate direction. For up until that point, it is easy to be under an impression as detailed above. But here, Oli notes that this relationship he’s referring to “isn’t love”. And that brings us closer to the true meaning of this song, that Die4u is actually, according to Sykes’s own personal explanation, about addiction.

So based on that knowledge, we can then postulate that the addressee is actually a substance. The addressee is whatever it is the vocalist is addicted to, as opposed to a fellow human being, though it can be interpreted in that way also, i.e. as dealing with some type of potentially toxic relationship. 

But in any event, like a true addict, even though the vocalist knows his dealing with this object isn’t healthy, he would be willing to “die for” nonetheless. And in accordance with this understanding, the title can be read quite literally, even though the lyrics are primarily symbolic. 

That is to say that in many cases, people do in fact die as a result of destructive habits they prove unable to kick. But that said, Bring Me the Horizon uses really violent terminology to get these points across.

Lyrics to Bring Me The Horizon "DiE4u"

Release of “DiE4u”

BMTH released DiE4u on 16 September 2021.  

It is the lead single from a project that at the moment is being referred to as “Post Human: Club H3llh0le”. That is because first of all, said undertaking is a follow-up to an album Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) released the year prior entitled Post Human: Survival Horror. And secondly, they have already dubbed this forthcoming project, though in an informal sort of way, as “Club H3LLh0Le”.

BMTH bandmates Oli Sykes (lead vocalist) and Jordan Fish (keyboardist) wrote this song. And its producers are Bloodpop and another artist known as Evil Twin.

BMTH began teasing this song in early September, 2021.


Bring Me the Horizon is a rock band from England. Outside of the two aforementioned musicians, their current roster is rounded out by:

  • bassist Matt Kean
  • guitarist Lee Malia
  • drummer Matt Nicholls 

Having been active since the mid-aughts, BMTH has been most successful, at least from a critical perspective, in more recent times. For instance, unlike any project they had released prior, BMTH’s last two albums, 2019’s Amo and 2020’s Post Human: Survival Horror, both topped the UK Albums Chart.



As of the release of Bring Me the Horizon’s DiE4u in mid-September 2021, “Post Human: Club H3llh0le” is the working title of the album the song is to be featured on. As reported by GeniusClub H3llh0le will be the second in a series of four EPs Bring Me the Horizon originally announced in 2020, with the first being the aforementioned Post Human (2020). 

At first the plan was to release all four of them in a single year, but obviously things didn’t work out like that. Either way, we can expect the main title of all four of these albums to be Post Human. And BMTH had first teased “Club H3LLh0Le” in particular on the date of 2 September 2021. Also as far as the band’s discography goes, this will be their fifth EP overall.

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