“Maybe” by Machine Gun Kelly & Bring Me The Horizon 

This song (“Maybe”) features some dark lyricism. For instance, in the first verse, Machine Gun Kelly speaks to ‘throwing his soul away’. And in the second, Oli Sykes talks about being ‘put out of his misery’. Furthermore, in the breakdown or bridge, Oli also refers to the addressee having ‘dug her grave’.

But all things considered, such morbid terminology is to be expected of a collaboration between these two, no matter what the song is about really. So in reality, what this piece actually centers on is the vocalist(s) being caught up in a tumultuous relationship with the addressee, his significant other. 

And the titular term, which is found a few times throughout, apparently alluded to the thought processes of the narrator in relation to him contemplating the termination of this romance. Indeed the conclusive sentiment of this piece is that the vocalist has now reached the point where he is prepared to, most simply put, cut the addressee off.

Machine Gun Kelly & Bring Me The Horizon, "Maybe" Lyrics

Facts about “Maybe”

This track is from an MGK album called “Mainstream Sellout”. It was released as one of the album’s singles on 16 March 2022.  It is actually the project’s fourth single, being preceded by the following singles:

And the labels behind its issuance are Interscope Records and Bad Boy.

The song was premiered via a live performance by MGK and Oli Sykes a couple of weeks prior to its official release. 

This track marks the first time Machine Gun Kelly has teamed up with Sykes’ outfit, Bring Me the Horizon, a rock band from England.

Kelly, himself being a musician primarily based in Cleveland, Ohio, is amongst the many co-writers of this song. And the others are the track’s seven co-producers:

  • Oli Sykes
  • Slim XX
  • Baze XX
  • Travis Barker
  • Omer Fedi
  • Jordan Fish
  • Dark Waves

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    Mgk is from Cleveland not denver

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