“Good Enough” by Maisie Peters

The lyrics of Maisie Peters’ “Good Enough” do a good job of encapsulating the gamut of emotions women tend to go through when, most simply put, their significant other decides to chase another lady. As far as men are concerned, such matters are, shall we say considered common in the realm of romance. 

And Maisie, to some degree, also seems to understand that the addressee’s infidelity may not have anything to do with her personally. And why? This is because in the pre-chorus she acknowledges that guys sometimes “change their mind”.

But that mature outlook is relatively short-lived, as the gist of what’s being emitted revolves around the vocalist feeling inferior – so to speak – in the aftermath of her sweetheart hooking up with someone else. And it doesn’t appear that he particularly dumped Maisie but rather wants both her and his new squeeze – a concept which Peters herself is totally not feeling.

Did the Addressee Cheat on Maisie?

So what all is being implied underneath is that dude either cheated on the vocalist or perhaps dumped her so that he can so that he could be with this other lady. But now, it’s like he wants her back. However, the damage has already been done. 

So on top of Maisie not being keen to the sidechick thing (as is common in these types of songs) she also presents herself as someone who was falsely put under the impression, by the addressee, that he was truly faithful. But now she realizes that such is not the case. This has resultantly not only negatively affected her perception of him but also of the nature of their relationship in general.

Or, let’s say that even prior to getting involved in this romance, the vocalist comes off as someone who already had self-esteem issues. Or as she artistically puts it, she never thought of herself as being “perfect” but did believe, nonetheless, that she was the ideal partner for the addressee. But now, after what he did to her, the singer has concluded that to the contrary, that she “just wasn’t good enough” for him.

In Conclusion

So all expressions considered, despite the vocalist now having the upper hand as far as dealing with an ex who wants her back, this definitely isn’t a female-empowerment type of breakup song. It isn’t really one in which the singer is celebrating her independence from a toxic ex. Instead, these lyrics read a bit more true as far as the internal reaction to heartbreak goes, that a lot of times being done wrong by a significant other actually results in a lower sense of self-worth on the part of the victim.

Maisie Peters, "Good Enough" Lyrics
Maisie Peters explains the meaning of "Good Enough"

When did Maisie Peters release “Good Enough”?

“Good Enough” came out on 18 August 2022. The release took place just a couple of weeks after “Blonde“, another standalone single Maisie Peters recently dropped. 

Who wrote this Song?

Maisie co-wrote this song with Dan Nigro in 2020, just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nigro, who has since become one of the hottest behind-the-scenes’ musicians in the game, also produced this track. Below are some other notable works from Nigro:

Good Enough

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