Meaning of “Flux” by Ellie Goulding

The word flux, which is used as the title and mentioned in the chorus of this song, is a reference to Ellie Goulding’s life being in a perpetual state of change. This is largely due to her celebrity. She characterizes this shifting reality as being a contributing factor to her being unable to get over her past lovers. As such, in this track, she reminisces about her exes and questions how life would be if those relationships had worked out favorably.

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Goulding has admitted in the past that her fame had a deadening effect on her relationships. So fantasizing about alternate realties where things turned out differently, as she does in “Flux”, is perhaps inevitable. In fact Ellie stated in relation to this song that such imaginations are something we all go through.

When thinking back on her lost love, Ellie desires to do so euphemistically and for him to take the same initiative. And she acknowledges that they both cared for each other. As a matter of fact, she even reveals that she is still in love with him to this day. But ultimately she expresses a sentiment of wanting to put the past behind her. Indeed the idea of them reengaging appeals to Goulding. However, she concludes that the constant changes in her life would not make such a union possible.

All in all, “Flux” finds Goulding talking about a failed romance that she just can’t seem to get over. The song is based on this person whom she almost ended up spending the rest of her life with.

What Ellie Goulding has said about this track

On the day the song was released, Goulding took to Twitter to throw some light on the meaning of the song. According to her, she penned the track from her heart. And that the lyrics center on how she just can’t stop thinking about a past love. Here are Goulding’s exact words in relation to this song’s meaning:

Ellie Goulding explains the meaning of "Flux"

In another post on Instagram, Goulding elaborated on the above with the following:

Ellie Goulding talks about "Flux"

Quick Facts about “Flux”

  • Goulding wrote and produced “Flux”. However, she didn’t do so all by herself. Two noted English songwriters and producers (Jim Eliot and Joe Kearns) assisted her. Owing to this, both Kearns and Eliot receive writing and production credits on the song.
  • “Flux” was released through Polydor Records on February 28, 2019.
  • This is the first single Goulding released in 2019 as a lead artist.

On which Ellie Goulding album does this single appear?

On Goulding’s fourth studio album.

What really is the meaning of the word flux?

It is a noun and it has a number of meanings. However, the most common of these meanings is this: something or a situation which is always changing.

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