“None of Your Concern” by Jhené Aiko (ft. Big Sean)

A trend in the modern era of pop music is artists making songs which are directly and bluntly related to what they are going through in real life. And such is supposedly the premise behind “None of Your Concern”. This is yet another track which is theoretically based on Jhené Aiko’s (past) romance with Big Sean.

In the first verse she mentions something like dating her ex in the first place was a mistake. In the second verse, she acknowledges that he has basically moved on to another lady. And whereas she is clearly in her feelings as a result, the singer concludes that such is ‘none of her concern’. And in the third verse, she counters this position by stating that who she’s seeing is likewise ‘none of the concern’ of her ex, thus the title of this song. 

Big Sean steps in

And Big Sean does eventually enter the scene, portraying the role of said former boyfriend. And his disposition is one where, succinctly put, he misses her. Indeed to some degree, considering what they have gone through in the past (especially from a sensual standpoint), he is a bit stunned that she has actually moved on. But ultimately he is reluctantly compelled to side with her, sarcastically if you will, in agreeing that she is not obligated (as in it being ‘none of her concern’) to consider his feelings.

Lyrics of "None of Your Concern"

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean’s History

Jhené and Sean have a history together going back almost a decade before the release of this song. For instance, the first of their many collaborations was on Big Sean’s “Beware” in 2013.  Indeed they dropped an entire album together, entitled “Twenty88”, in 2016. And the couple is recognized to have officially dated from 2016 until about the beginning of 2019. However, breaking up has not prevented them from working together, as Big Sean featured Jhené on his track “Single Again” just a couple of months before “None of Your Concern” was released.

Release Date and Writing Credits for “None of Your Concern”

And concerning “None of Your Concern”, this track officially came out on 15 November 2019. And its writers are exclusively Sean and Jhené.

This track is expected to be featured on Jhené’s forthcoming third-solo album, which is tentatively entitled “Chilombo”.

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