Meaning of “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z & Kanye West

“Niggas in Paris” is a braggadocious rap song, primarily pointing to the fact that Jigga and Yeezy are rich and living a high-end lifestyle which reflects that reality. For example, as implied they’re able to go and chill in Paris as if doing so is nothing. 

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And to some extent the lyrics are based on that particular theme, i.e. with references to Paris being the fashion capital of the world, and Kanye for example enjoying accordingly. But for the most part he and Jay-Z are biggin’ themselves up in general, as in alluding to their lasting and notable success.

“Ball so hard, mother–kers wanna fine me
That s–t cray, that s–t cray, that s–t cray”

What is the meaning of the title (“Niggas in Paris”)?

The title itself refers to Jay-Z and Kanye’s experiences in Paris, a city synonymous with luxury and high fashion, which is fitting given the song’s emphasis on their wealth and success. The word “Niggas” in the title is a controversial choice, as it utilizes a racial slur that has been reclaimed to various extents within the Black community. In this context, it seems to be used to highlight their roots and the journey they have made from difficult backgrounds to the pinnacle of success, showcasing a sense of defiance and reclamation.

When was “Niggas in Paris” released?

“Niggas in Paris” in 13th September, 2011 was released. It was the fourth single off the collaborative album by Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Watch the Throne”.


Writers for this track included JAY-Z and Kanye West, together with:

  • Hit-Boy
  • Reverend W.A. Donaldson

Kanye, Hit-Boy, DEAN also produced this track. They were assisted in that regard by another producer named Anthony Kilhoffer.

Chart Success

“Niggas in Paris” was a Top-20 hit in countries such as Scotland, Belgium, and Denmark.

CountryPosition #
United States#5
United Kingdom#10

Sales Certifications

CountryCertificationUnits sold to date
United Kingdom3x Platinum1,800,000
United StatesDiamond10,000,000
Niggas in Paris

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