“F9mily (You & Me)” by Lil Nas X

As the title implies, “F9mily (You & Me)” is a track dedicated to the concept of family. The person who Lil Nas X is addressing in this song may not be a blood relation but is definitely someone very close to him.  And the idea which he is presenting to this individual is that two of them “got to fix this family”. 

Which “family” in particular he is referring to is not specified nor exactly what aspect of it needs ‘fixing’.  However, the general implication is that he is referring to their relationship in particular and espousing the notion that they need to vest more in assuring it survives and thrives. And in that regard, once they get things right between themselves the “family” will also increase in number.

So overall what we have here is a rock-based song with a pretty-straightforward message. The singer is embracing the idea of a strong friendship – or “family” as he put is – which he is a part of and if achieved will result in its participants realizing their “fantasies” and living “happily”.

Lyrics of F9mily (You & Me)

Facts about “F9mily (You & Me)”

Travis Barker (of Blink-182) produced this track and also co-wrote it alongside Lil Nas X.

Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Records released “F9mily” on 21 June 2019, with the rest of Nas X’s critically acclaimed debut EP. The EP in question goes under the titled 7.

Coming in at 2 minutes and 43 seconds, “F9mily” is interestingly enough the longest track on “7”.

Lil Nas X seemed to poke fun at this song while previewing it on Instagram on 5 June by labeling it “Disney soundtrack confirmed”.

He first teased this track, again on Instagram, back on 15 May 2019.

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