“Flying on My Own” by Celine Dion

“Flying on My Own” is the kind of free-spirited, uplifting song we have come to expect from Celine Dion.  This track is based on the singer going through a positive transformation marked by a new sense of independence. And she is empowered to do so via the “love” of someone else. But who this person is exactly is not specified. In fact theoretically it can even be interpreted as the singer referring to herself, especially when taking into account for instance the self-help tone of the first verse.

So in summation, “Flying on My Own” is a song celebrating individual freedom and self-reliance, with the singer approaching the day with a newfound sense of optimism. And her ability to ‘fly’, which is symbolic of this overall experience, was brought about due to her riding upon “the wings of… love” she has received from a special someone. This would also be a metaphor for the emancipating affection she has received from this individual.

Lyrics of Celine Dion's "Flying on My Own"

Facts about “Flying on My Own”  

  • Anton Mårtensson and Jörgen Elofsson both co-wrote and co-produced this song. The other writer is Liz Rodrigues and the additional producer, Ugly Babies.
  • This track was reportedly first teased when Celine Dion posted a picture of herself in the studio with producer Jörgen Elofsson on 19 December 2017. The “Live from Las Vegas” version was eventually released by Columbia Records on 9 June 2019, and the studio version came out later in the month on 28 June. Within that month, “Flying on My Own” charted in both Canada and France.
  • The particular date the “Live from Las Vegas” version was recorded was on 7 June 2019, the same day Queen Celine debuted the song, and the venue was The Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace.
  • Dion debuted this song while concluding her Las Vegas “A New Day” concert residency. FYI, to date that residency has been the highest-grossing residency of all time.
  • The studio version of “Flying on My Own” serves as a promotional single from her 2019 album, Courage.
  • This song is not the usual Celine Dion fare, as it falls into the EDM (electronic-dance music) category.  Indeed even when debuting it, Dion encouraged the audience to dance and said performing “Flying on My Own” made her feel like she was “in the club”.

Notable Live Performance

Celine Dion performing “Flying on My Own” live in Las Vegas, United States. The performance below was praised by many a music pundit!

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