“Recovering” by Celine Dion

In Celine Dion’s “Recovering”, the singer talks about a recovery from a loss of herself, or a painful experience she has recently faced.

Dion seems to have lost an exciting part of her personality due to a painful experience, but is determined to get over it and have some peace. She talks about the fact that she lost hope and a part of a heart, signifying sadness, as well as the fact that she used to be reckless and wild, signifying her earlier disposition, which she lost along the way.

The singer believes that if she takes things gradually, she will be able to heal completely and take back her life. The devil she wants to shake off is probably the hopeless thoughts she was dwelling on. She also expresses that she is recovering from her own bad behaviors such as being overly anxious, erratic and regretful of her own actions.

Lyrics of "Recovering"

Song is about real Losses in Celine Dion’s Life

Pink wrote “Recovering” for Celine Dion following the deaths of her husband Rene Angelil and brother, Daniel in 2016. Celine speaking about the song revealed that it is special to her, since it is a tool that will help her move forward despite her loss.

Writing Credits for “Recovering”

Above we mentioned that singer Pink penned this song for Dion. However, what we failed to mention is that Pink wasn’t the song’s sole writer. She was assisted in composing this song by two other writers, namely Allen Shamblin and Tom Douglas.

Release Date

Dion released this touching song through Columbia Records on September 9th, 2016.

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