Foo Fighters’ “Walk” Lyrics Meaning

Foo Fighters in their song “Walk” are optimistic about allowing themselves to go through a healing process regardless of the many times they have failed at it.

In the initial verse, the writer admits that he has drifted several times from his path of recovery and is actually getting used to new beginnings. He accepts his shortcomings and focuses on starting his journey into recovery.

The singer could probably be referring to the process of learning something new, healing from an illness or an addiction because he expresses gratitude in the bridge over the fact that he is not dead. In fact, he seems to have found a reason to stay alive and stresses on not wanting to die anymore.

Facts about “Walk”

Despite Dave Grohl primarily writing this song, the entire Foo Fighters are credited with its composition.

Grohl revealed that he wrote the verse about going through a trial after he helped his daughter to learn how to walk and she was later able to walk by herself.

Foo Fighters (via RCA Records) released this from their “Wasting Light” album in June 2011. “Wasting Light” had the support of 6 singles, and this was third of the six singles.

In addition to making an entrance in the Hot 100, this song also topped three other Billboard charts (one of which was the “Mainstream Rock” chart). It also managed to chart quite moderately in several charts outside of America. For example, it peaked at numbers 57, 58 and 57 in UK, Netherlands and Australia, respectively.

In 2012, this single gave Foo Fighters their first Grammy Award win in the “Best Rock Song” category. In achieving this feat, “Walk” defeated other significant hits, including the below:

  • The Decemberists’ “Down by the Water”
  • Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”
  • Mumford & Sons’ “The Cave”
  • Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”

Canadian-born singer Neil Young had previously (in 2011) won this award with his 2010 song “Angry World“.

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  1. John 619-549-9333 says:

    This is my THIRD go around with addiction. This time it cost ma a TON. WIFE. KIDS. CAREER. MONEY. SELF WORTH.
    The other two times I never went longer than six weeks. This time it’s been four years and ten months and counting. And this time I don’t just listen to that song I LIVE that song. Thank you FOO’s!!! For giving us this fucking ANTHEM of change and possibilities and HOPE in the face of utter fucking hopelessness.
    And if you or any one you know needs help with this fucking monster listen to this a couple times a day, find a meeting and give me a call. We can and WILL get something done. You WILL win. That sumbitch WILL lose. You will learn to WALK again indeed!!!

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