“Run” by Foo Fighters

On Foo Fighters’ “Run”, the narrator proposes to whoever is willing to listen to go with him as he takes a risk to live the kind of life he desires.

He asks this person to wake up because he wants them to break out of the ordinary, appreciate their own lives and pursue their wildest dreams. The song also contains certain political inferences such as “rats on parade” to indicate how politicians put up a face to appeal to the masses. He suggests that he is tired of all that routine and wants to be free from those things. As he seeks to rebel against the system, he attempts to convince his companion to go together with him.

All in all, the Foo Fighters are using this track to encourage people to open their eyes, free themselves from the rat race and live the lives they have always dreamed of.

Facts about “Run”

Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters bandmates composed “Run”. Afterwards, Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter Greg Kurstin produced it.

Foo Fighters (via RCA Records) included this as one of the tracks from the “Concrete and Gold” album of 2017. It was the first single to have emerged from “Concrete and Gold”.

“Run” was a commercial success. It topped a couple of charts, including the “Mainstream Rock” charts from Billboard. It also peaked at various positions on various singles charts in various countries. For example, in Australia, United Kingdom and Canada, it reached peak positions of 53, 64 and 76 respectively.

In 2018, Foo Fighters received one of music’s notable honors when this song won them a Grammy. It won them the “Best Song of the Year” honors by beating the competing songs below:

  • Metallica’s “Atlas, Rise!”
  • K. Flay’s “Blood In the Cut”
  • Nothing More’s “Go to War”
  • Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Stage”

Actually this marked the second time the band won the aforementioned honors. Their first win took place in 2012 with the song “Walk“.

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