“Walking After You” by The Foo Fighters

During the time Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters, wrote this song, he was going through a divorce with his ex-wife, Jennifer Youngblood. He penned it in response to being on the receiving end of the divorce papers. In other words, Grohl got dumped, and this was one of his initial reactions.

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Grohl pushes forward two main assertions in “Walking After You”. First is that he and Youngblood actually need each other. But secondly, as the title implies, he is not letting her leave without a fight. That is to say, if she ‘walks out’ (with her intent being made evident through the request for a divorce), he is going to ‘walk after’ her. The track ends on a note of pessimism and uncertainty, as Grohl admits he’s heartbroken and once again explains how fundamentally supportive he is of Youngblood.

Walking After You lyrics

Facts about “Walking After You”

  • This track was written by American singer and songwriter Dave Grohl. He (Grohl) is the founder and lead singer of the rock band Foo Fighters.
  • This song features on the band’s album titled The Colour and the Shape, which was released on 20th May 1997.
  • “Walking After You” was produced by American record producer Jerry Harrison.
  • The original edition of this song was recorded under the label Roswell Records and Capitol Records.
  • In 1998, a re-recorded version of this track was featured on the X-Files movie soundtrack and was released as a solo.
  • The music video for this track features lead vocalist Grohl. It was directed by Matthew Rolston, who is an American creative director and fashion photographer.

Did the Foo Fighters release “Walking After You” as a single from The Colour and the Shape?

The above-mentioned album produced three singles. These singles are as follows: “Everlong”, “Monkey Wrench” and “My Hero”.

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