“Freedom” by Justin Bieber & BEAM

As we have pointed out in the past, in the era in which “Freedom” is released (i.e. the early 2020s), Justin Bieber is becoming shall we say an increasingly-religious artist. 

At a point there were even rumors floating around that he was studying to become a pastor, which proved not to be the case. But either way, his music has taken on a more spiritual and Christian tone. And both of those aspirations are manifest on this track. 

In fact the “freedom” that is being referred to would apparently be one akin to what “the Messiah” offers his adherents in the Bible.

And the Biebs does verily come off as a pastor-like figure in the first verse. He speaks to the idea that ‘many souls are lost’, as religious texts would put it. 

Or as he phrases it, “(we’re) all looking for the answers” in life but are “too blind to see the Messiah”. And here, “the Messiah” is more or less synonymous with the truth within the context of the verse. 

And one of the reasons that this goal has proven so unattainable is because we are simultaneously being deceived by “the Devil”. However, despite our lack of perfection, once again like a modern-day pastor Bieber asserts that we “are forgiven” by powers On High nonetheless. Or put different, we are ‘free’ via the grace of God.


Meanwhile Beam, a dancehall musician, comes off as more of a reggae artist. And in somewhat of a traditional reggae fashion, he depicts God as “our Father” who will “answer” those who “call upon him”. 

He also refers to the aforementioned Jesus as “the begotten son” whom we “need” in order “to prosper”. Moreover he depicts the Devil and Jesus as being enemies – another nod to the New Testament. But the latter has already “paid the cost for you” to basically be cool with God.

Then, apparently in light of this song being released on Easter, Beam goes about giving a shoutout to said holiday season and the types of dishes he and his family enjoy on this occasion in his native Jamaica. 

And he also points to the notion that he and his always make a conscientious effort to stay close to God. 

And again, the “freedom” being referred to in the chorus would actually symbolize such a relationship. When one is saved, if you will, then they are ‘free’, and life “feel(s) good”.

In Conclusion…

So honestly we can conclude by saying that, artists aside, “Freedom” reads straight-up like a gospel song, i.e. a track whose lyrics are based specifically on the New Testament. Or let’s put it like this. 

If this song were dropped by Kirk Franklin or, say, TobyMac, it would be considered a standard Christian tune. 

So with that in mind, if the single does take off, then it is very much possible that it will appear on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart.

Facts about “Freedom”

This track was released on 4 April 2021, which also happens to be the Easter Sunday of that year. And it is the title track from a surprise EP Justin Bieber released on that date also.

Indeed the release of the Freedom EP was truly a shock as Justin Bieber’s sixth studio album, “Justice”, had officially come out less than a month prior. 

Also the Biebs didn’t even tease the issuance of “Freedom” beforehand. It is believed that the latter is actually “a continuation of” the first.

The Freedom project is comprised almost exclusively of collaborations. The only track out of the six that doesn’t officially feature an additional artist is the third on its playlist, “We’re in This Together”.

“Freedom” (the song) was produced by CVRE, Don Mills, Vinylz and Boi-1da. And the last three artists on that list also co-wrote the song alongside Jordan Douglas, Beam and Bieber.

Beam, a musician from Jamaica via Miami, has teamed up with Bieber before. That event occurred on the aforementioned Justice album via a track called “Love You Different”.

Cover art for “Freedom”

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