“Lonely” by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco

In “Lonely”, Justin Bieber reflects on his life as a famous superstar, identifying the challenges he faced especially as a result of gaining fame at a tender age.

The singer expresses how his rise to fame flipped his whole life on its head and felt strange because as a child superstar, he didn’t really have enough time to grow or enjoy his privacy. Justin emphasizes on how lonely he constantly felt even though he had all the money, recognition and access to whatever he wanted. This is apparently where the song’s title was particularly derived from.

In the second verse, Bieber reflects on how the media and almost everybody is aware of even his private life, his past and all the bad choices he made as a young star. His point is that through those moments and through the times he was sick and suffering from depression, no one really cared about his health but were only concerned about the negative news circulating about him.


The lyrics of “Lonely” speak about how Bieber’s quick rise to stardom at a very early age affected him negatively. It sheds light on his deep level of unfulfillment despite his immense fame and wealth.

Bieber, in a 2019 Instagram post, opened up about his struggles growing up as a celebrity, and how his marriage to Hailey somehow saved him and gave him an opportunity to mature.

In a Twitter post that accompanied the release of “Lonely”, Bieber said it was difficult listening to the song. And why? Because it brought back bad memories of his struggles through those dark chapters of his life.

Justin Bieber talks about "Lonely"

Writing Credits of “Lonely”

“Lonely” was written by Justin Bieber alongside FINNEAS and Benny Blanco. The latter two subsequently produced “Lonely”.

Date of Release

Justin and his team dropped this officially on October 16, 2020 as the second single from his 2020 album titled “Holy”. The album’s title track was the first single from the project.

4 Responses

  1. Liman Musa says:

    By Allah’s Almighty “for everything I have created I created them with an appointment” that’s a time for everything. B give thanks for your present days and let go the past . #MoreFametoUrFootSteaps

  2. Datlayzgurl says:

    This song is good I enjoyed it

  3. Mpho says:

    Just brings back all the bad staff l have done, but at the end of the tunnel there’s always light

  4. Gomolemo Sadie kethalefile says:

    I think this was the right thing to do by expressing your vulnerability. But let’s let go of the past and let bygones be bygones. Wish you the best and long life, keep up the good work.
    We love you no matter what you did or what you do.

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