“Stay” by The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber

The consensus sentiment behind Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s “Stay” centers on the two vocalists admonishing their respective lovers to “stay”. And whereas conclusively it is because they need their significant others in their lives, they may be doing so based on different premises.

For instance in the chorus, the ever-adultish Kid Laroi is lamenting the fact that he promised his honeybun not to engage in a certain act, which he’s apparently addicted to and thus has been doing so anyway. 

The first thing that jumps to mind, as to his probable offense, would be something like cheating on her. But it’s also plausible, given the nature of his verse, that it may have something to do with boozing or drug abuse. Or more possibly, it may be that the reason he’s giving in to the alcohol in this case is to counter the depression of his girlfriend leaving him due to whatever mistake(s) he has committed.

Justin Bieber

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber doesn’t necessarily come off as if he’s committed some major transgression against his addressee. Rather it’s more like just the thought of him doing so and subsequently losing her is more than he can bear. And this is because he has obviously been separated from her for a significant amount of time in the past and did not enjoy the experience at all. 

And with that in mind, Justin is assuring his beloved that he will never put her in a position whereas she will leave alone.

“Stay” is a Love Song

So of course, this is a love song. But it is not one where the singers are like ‘I love you’, either literally or metaphorically. Rather they take the roundabout approach, by expressing just how messed up they feel when they can’t be with their significant others, who are one of a kind in their eyes. And that is why they are entreating them, under all circumstances, to “stay”.

"Stay" Lyrics

Bieber and The Kid’s Collaboration

Bieber and Laroi teamed up earlier in the year on a track called “Unstable“. That song is on Bieber’s album Justice, which as of the release of “Stay” on 9 July 2021 has been on the Billboard 200 for 14 weeks. 


This particular song is rather intended to be featured on “F–k Love 3”, which is concurrently shaping up to The Kid Laroi’s debut studio album. And to note just a month prior to the release of this track, Laroi signed a contract with SB Projects. This is the same management company owned by Scooter Braun, i.e. Justin Bieber’s long-time business manager.

“Stay” is a product of Columbia Records, whom The Kid Laroi signed with in 2019. Indeed at this point in time Laroi is sort of a new name in the game, initially garnering a considerable degree of notoriety as a friend, mentee and collaborator of the late Juice WRLD (1998-2019). 

And since Juice’s passing The Kid continued to build up a name for himself, such as coming out with a hit collaboration alongside Miley Cyrus named “Without You” (2020) and teaming up with a number of concurrently more-popular artists such as Marshmello, Machine Gun Kelly and of course Bieber.


The music video to this track was directed by Colin Tilly.

The musicians who served as both writers and producers of “Stay” are as follows:

  • Charlie Puth
  • Cashmere Cat
  • Blake Slatkin
  • Omer Fedi

Two additional entities, Haan and a duo known as FnZ, contributed production-wise. And on the writing side, The Kid and Bieber also assisted.

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