“Girl” by Maren Morris

“Girl” is a song recorded by American country singer Maren Morris. On the surface, it would seem that the subject of the song is a female Morris lecturing on the importance of positivity thinking. This particular lady seems to be suffering from self-esteem issues. These matters are so problematic that they sometimes have an incapacitating, paralyzing effect.  But Morris is telling the “girl” that everything is going to be okay. More importantly, she is instructing her to not let negative thoughts take hold of her being. She shouldn’t let negativity control her to the point where she is no longer the sweet person that she naturally is.

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The twist is that the “girl” Morris is talking to is actually herself. In other words, she is advising and giving herself words of inspiration to overcome self-esteem issues. One of the sources of these inner criticisms are evaluations stemming from the outside world. So she is telling herself not to judge her own self-value based on what other people say and think. And of course these words have a general applicability to the listening audience. 

In summation, although Morris may be primarily addressing herself and her own matters, she’s also doing another very important thing. Through her lyrics, she is also sympathetic of all women who commonly face these kinds of challenges. Furthermore, she’s encouraging them to keep their heads up.

Facts about “Girl”

  • Maren Morris wrote this song. However, she wasn’t the sole writer of it. She co-wrote it with two other songwriters Greg Kurstin and Sarah Aarons.
  • Morris teamed up again with her co-writer Greg Kurstin to produce “Girl”. Owing to this, she and Kurstin are given production credits on this track.
  • January 17, 2019 was the official release date of this inspiring track. Owing to this, the track holds the title of being the first single Morris dropped in 2019.

On which Maren Morris album does “Girl” appear?

It will appear on her second major label studio album. As of now, the album’s name hasn’t been made public. Neither has its release date been released. However, it is likely it will come out in 2019.

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