“Gone Are The Days” by Kygo (ft. James Gillespie)

As presented in the chorus, the full title of this song reads “gone are the days of young”. But the vocalist is not reflecting on his youth per se. Instead we can say that said youth represents a romance he was once in with a woman he truly loved. And it is such that is actually “gone”, apparently forever.

Now it is never specified exactly how long ago this relationship transpired. Rather the reason James is equating it with youth apparently has something to do with him being a lot more naïve than he is now whenever this went down. In other words, he had a more youthful, shall we say playful mind. 

Or put differently, he has seemingly matured a lot since he and this woman parted ways. It was losing her that made him wise up and become more mature as far as romance is concerned.

For at the time they were together, he ‘left his morals at the door’. The implication behind a statement like that would point to him cheating or doing something else which not only he knew was wrong but also potentially damaging to their relationship. 

Meanwhile his partner approached the romance with “an honest heart”. So simply put, he feels as if he has done her wrong, which is only adding to the emotional pain he is experiencing now that he has no one to hold.

Thesis Sentiment

And it is such which appears to be the thesis sentiment of this track. The singer has not only lost his “closest friend” but also the lady he thought he would “grow old” and have children with. 

And he’s not begging her back, although he would logically be hoping that she will prove sympathetic to his cries and return. Rather in hindsight he realizes that he has no one to blame for the current state of affairs beside himself. Or as somewhat-philosophically put forth in the chorus, ‘no one can save you from yourself’. 

So as it stands now, he really doesn’t have any other choice than to face the one future that he never wanted, which is one without the woman he loves.

Lyrics for "Gone Are The Days"

Facts about “Gone Are the Days”

Being released on 16 April 2021, “Gone Are the Days” is the first track which Kygo has put out in the year in question. He did so via Sony Music and RCA Records. 

The single is not associated with any album as at the time of its release. However, it is hypothesized that it will be featured on a forthcoming, all-acoustic album Kygo is putting together (thus serving as its lead single). 

There are actually two officials versions of “Gone Are the Days” available upon its release.

This tune marks the first time he has teamed up with James Gillespie, a musician from the UK.

Kygo himself is from Norway. And for the record he is actually a DJ/producer, not a vocalist. So it is James Gillespie who actually sings “Gone Are the Days”.

"Gone Are The Days"
Cover art for “Gone Are The Days”


That noted, as far as being a producer goes Kygo has proven very successful, which is why he is able to actually headline tracks. His first album, “Cloud Nine” (2016), established him as a star in his homeland, where it topped VG-lista albums’ chart. 

It also reached as high as number 3 on the UK Albums Chart and number 11 on the Billboard 200. He has released two more full-lengths between now and then, “Kids in Love” (2017) and “Golden Hour” (2020), with the latter being a comparable hit chart-wise to “Cloud Nine” but not as much of a commercial success. 

For instance, his debut album has also been certified gold in America and England, in addition to being certified nonuple-platinum in Norway.

Kygo has also scored some pretty-massive singles, too many to all be mentioned here. But apparently the most-successful of the lot would be “It Ain’t Me“, a track he dropped in 2017 with the ever-popular Selena Gomez serving as lead vocalist. That particular song went triple-platinum in the US and platinum in the UK, in addition to breaking the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart. 

It also went multi-platinum in Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium and of course Norway, and it represents Kygo’s biggest hit as far as the global market is concerned.

3 Responses

  1. Rafael says:

    Very interesting. Just an observation, the line that reads, “when everything you love is lying 6 feet under”, doesn’t that imply the lady passed on, 6 feet under implying where she’s hurried.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting idea. I thought he was referring to the death of the relationship, even though he still feels love, it is six feet under and he realises there is no going back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We say “lady” but the gender of anyone in the song is up to the imagination of the listener. Male singer, yes, but it can be about anyone, any gender.

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