“Cate’s Brother” by Maisie Peters 

There seems to be some confusion concerning whether or not “Cate’s Brother” is based on one of Maisie Peters’ real-life experiences. But the songstress has explained that yes, she does have a friend named Cate from Canada whose brother she met. However, outside of that, the narrative in and of itself, once again according to Maisie, is “literally just a joke” that was originally intended to be enjoyed amongst the singer and her buddies.

So with that established, what we’re dealing with here is a case of love at first sight. Maisie throws a “Halloween party”, through which she meets Cate’s brother. Being immediately smitten, her mind goes into overdrive, fantasizing about the two of them marrying and wondering if they do hookup, will the relationship actually work out.

Once the second verse rolls around, they are portrayed as dating. And the vocalist gets pretty specific in terms of delineating characteristics she likes about the subject and certain things that they have in common. So the romance appears to start off well, though by the time the song is said and done it is never revealed whether Cate’s brother and Maisie stay together for the long haul, as idealized by the latter.

To note, Peters is 21 years old as of the dropping of this track. Accordingly this song does read a lot like, if you will, a teenage love fantasy.

Lyrics to Maisie Peters' "Cates's Brother"

Maisie Peters

Maisie is a singer from the UK who began as a YouTuber and eventually, in 2018, scored a contract with Atlantic Records. Between then and now, she has dropped one studio album, “You Signed Up for This” (2020), which impressively peaked at number 2 on the UK Albums Chart. 

“Cate’s Brother”

And “Cate’s Brother” was released as a standalone single on 6 May 2022.

Maisie is also a signee of Gingerbread Man Records – a label founded by Ed Sheeran – as of 2021. In fact as of the writing of this post (and release of “Cate’s Brother”), Maisie is on tour with Sheeran.

The songstress has stated that she wrote this song while she in Stockholm, Sweden. Peters is officially credited as the author of this track alongside Fat Max Gsus. Meanwhile, the producer of the song is Joe Rubel.

Cates's Brother

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