“Blonde” by Maisie Peters

To note, Maisie Peters is not a natural blonde. But what’s being put forth here is – well first of all let’s say that, within the context of American pop culture, blonde women are generally considered to be sexier than ladies of other hair colors. This is something which Maisie herself has acknowledged, in a roundabout way, while describing the backdrop behind this piece. 

Or as she put it, what the lyrics represent, most simply put, is a conscientious effort to raise one’s self-esteem. And in this case, such is achieved by the vocalist most notably dyeing her hair blonde.

But more to the point of what’s going down is this track serving as a revenge fantasy on the part of Peters. As implied the vocalist would be her ex. He is someone who did not fully appreciate Maisie while he had her and perhaps also, by the looks of things, dumped her. 

So again, dyeing her hair in the aftermath of such treatment is part of an overall effort on the part of the vocalist to make herself more attractive, which also apparently includes shedding “a couple of inches” off of her waistline. The goal basically is to put herself in a position where she is now so sexy in the eyes of others, including her ex’s homeys, that now the addressee comes to regret letting her.

Revenge Fantasy

Beyond that, going back to the assertion that this piece is akin to a revenge fantasy, furthermore the vocalist is looking forward to ‘f—ing his life up as a blonde’, which includes, as metaphorically put forth, ‘twisting that knife’ into his back apparently. Or put otherwise she won’t be content by simply making him jealous, so to speak. Instead, the vocalist also intends to engage in other acts which will really drive the point home that he hurt her, and now she wants to return the favor.

So all lyrics considered, some of the more feminist-minded readers out there may find this piece a bit shallow, i.e. a female expressing the emotional need to change her appearance in response to a guy who did her wrong. But in reality these are somewhat common sentiments which well up within people in the aftermath of being scorned by a lover.

Lyrics of Maisie Peters' "Blonde"
Maisie Peters explains the meaning of "Blonde"

Who is Maisie Peters?

Maisie is a singer from England who is 22 years old as of the release of Blonde on 5 August 2022. Thus far she has one LP under her belt, that being 2021’s “You Signed Up for This”, a project that was backed by Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records and impressively peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart. And the expectation at the time of the issuance of this track is that it will be featured on her upcoming sophomore studio album.


This song was co-written and co-produced by The Six, a behind-the-scenes’ musical act consisting of Pablo Bowman alongside Richard Boardman. Its other producer is an entity known as The Nocturns, and Maisie Peters as well as Charlie Martin are also credited as co-authors of “Blonde”.


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