Hailee Steinfeld’s “Wrong Direction” Lyrics Meaning

The addressee of “Wrong Direction” would logically be a romantic interest of the narrator (Hailee Steinfeld). And basically, she is presenting their relationship as an up-and-down type of union. She has in fact experienced moments of pleasure with this individual. But more to the point is that this person has a tendency to cause her emotional pain, i.e. ‘burn her down’. 

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Thus she seems to be likening being in love with him to “falling in the wrong direction”. The entire scenario could also be said to be one in which Hailee is stuck in a relationship which she knows at the end of the day is going to end unfavorably. In fact the signs are already very much there, as her partner regularly mistreats her. And one of his behaviors which seems to be bothering her the most is his sleeping around with other ladies. 

Moreover people are “convinced” he’s an upstanding individual, as well as he being caught up on himself. But now after being so closely associated with him, the singer has come to realize otherwise. So it can be said that the main sentiment behind “Wrong Direction” is its narrator regretting falling in love with a certain partner.

Lyrics of "Wrong Direction"

Did Hailee Steinfeld write “Wrong Direction”?

Yes. She wrote “Wrong Direction” in conjunction with the following songwriters:

  • Lowell
  • Skyler Stonestreet
  • Koz (the track’s producer)

Release Date

It came out as a standalone single on 1 January 2020.

Is “Wrong Direction” about Nial Horan?

The popular theory behind this song is that it is based on Hailee Steinfeld’s relationship with fellow pop singer Niall Horan, whom she dated throughout 2018. We are certain this hypothesis is primarily due to the fact that Niall became famous as a member of a music group called One Direction.

And apparently Horan has gone on to believe such himself. However, he reportedly is not perturbed by the matter, rather perceiving it as more or less as standard industry fare.

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