“Back to Life” By Hailee Steinfeld

“Back to Life” is a 2018 single released by actress and songstress Hailee Steinfeld for the 2018 science fiction film, Bumblebee. Steinfeld also plays a lead role in this film.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Hailee Steinfeld's Back to Life at Lyrics.org.

The lyrics of “Back to Life” speak of a love which is so strong that it is virtually unbreakable.  Another central theme of the track is love’s ability to empower those, specifically in this case the singer and her object of affection, who partake of it.

According to the director of Bumblebee, the song’s theme is also consistent with the overall meaning of the movie.

"Back to Life" lyrics



Quick Facts about “Back to Life”

  • Steinfeld co-wrote “Back to Life” along with its producer Jorgen Odegard and four other songwriters. These writers are: Kennedi Lykken, Wayne Sermon, Josh Gudwin and Michael Pollack.
  • The song came out on November 2, 2018 through Republic Records.
  • This tune was Steinfeld’s second single of 2018 as lead artist. The first was a collab with American musician BloodPop titled “Capital Letters”.
  • The fact that Steinfeld stars in Bumblebee makes it the first time she has written a song for a film she stars in. She proudly shared this fact with her fans on social media in October of 2018.
  • On November 4, 2018, Steinfeld performed the song live at the 2018 MTV EMAs – a show she also hosted. Her performance at the MTV EMAs marked the first time she was performing the song live since its release.



What role does Steinfeld play in Bumblebee?

She plays the character Charlie Watson. Watson is a teenage girl who discovers the autobot Bumblebee and goes on to become friends with it.

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