“Half of Me” by Thomas Rhett (ft. Riley Green)

“Half of Me”, which sports a comedic undertone, centers on our general inclination towards chilling as opposed to confronting pressing issues. So for instance, Thomas puts forth that he’s tasked with ‘mowing the grass’ and ‘fixing the fence’, and Riley’s own responsibilities includes ‘kinda needing to wash the truck’.

But as noted, there also exists the temptation to basically sit on their behinds and do nothing. And in the grand scheme of things, the homeys are more inclined to relax than stress themselves out by engaging in manual labor. Or as put forth in the chorus, there are two sides to their personality, and both sides wouldn’t mind engulfing “a cold beer” at the moment.

Indeed, there is a philosophical slant to this piece. Reading in between the lines, what “Half of Me” seems to be speaking to, more maturely put, is the human tendency to prefer leisure over labor.

Lyrics for "Half Of Me"

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett grew up in a professional music household. That is to say that his father, Rhett Akins, is also an accomplished country musician. Thomas’s own debut LP, “It Goes Like This”, came out in 2013. His heyday thus far was around the mid-2010s when, in addition to coming out with a number of multi-platinum hits, Rhett also won quite a few major industry awards.

Riley Green

Riley Green is also a country music singer. Prior to becoming a professional musician, he notably served as a quarterback for a NCAA I school known as Jacksonville State University (with Jacksonville, Alabama also being his hometown). To date, with “Half of Me” being released on 1 April 2022, Rhett has pressed out one studio album, that being 2019’s “Different ‘Round Here”. And he’s also dropped a couple of platinum hits in “There Was This Girl” in 2018 and “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” in 2019. 

“Half of Me”

Thomas has described himself as being Riley’s friend and fan, and he personally enlisted Green to participate on this track. And “Half of Me” appears to be their first official collaboration.

Thomas and Riley performed this song at the 2022 edition of the Country Music Television Awards, which were held in early April of said year. But the pair actually debuted the tune in late 2021.

Thomas wrote this song with Will Bundy, Josh Thomas and Rhett Akins. And its producer is music industry mainstay Dan Huff.

This track is from 2022’s “Where We Started”, which is Rhett’s sixth studio album.

“Half of Me” is a product of Valory Music, which itself is an imprint of Big Machine Records.

Rhett has referred to this song as one of his favorites from it’s album (“Where We Started”).

Half Of Me

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