“Beer Can’t Fix” by Thomas Rhett (ft. Jon Pardi)

Thomas Rhett’s “Beer Can’t Fix” takes a comedic look at the power of intoxication, specifically when such is being achieved via the consumption of beer. Its composition stemmed from a real-life situation where Thomas was playing golf with a companion, and they both were performing terribly.  However, after becoming drunk on beer they both started to play better. And that’s exactly where the joke “there ain’t nothing that a beer can’t fix” originated. 

Within the song itself, the depressing/frustrating situations which the vocalists are dealing with include the following:

  • Being dumped by a girlfriend
  • Watching their favorite sports team lose the championship
  • Fishing to no avail
  • Dealing with constant rain during a vacation

But they contend that such less-than-favorable circumstances can be promptly alleviated by cracking open a cold one. Indeed from an emotional standpoint they present beer as a miracle drug, one which can “fix” any problem and “wash away” any pain. 

So let’s say that the purpose of this song is to extol the virtues of beer. Or more specifically, though in an exaggerated fashion, the singers are acknowledging the beneficial role that this intoxicant has served in their lives.

Lyrics of "Beer Can't Fix"

Facts about “Beer Can’t Fix”

Thomas Rhett co-wrote “Beer Can’t Fix” alongside famous American pop musician Ryan Tedder. Songwriters Julian Bunetta and Zach Skelton are also given songwriting credits on this tune.

Thomas and Bunetta also co-produced the song. And in that regard, they worked with Dann Huff.

Big Machine Records put this track out on 31 May 2019. And later it was reissued as the third single from Thomas’ album “Center Point Road”.

“Beer Can’t Fix” marks the first collaboration between Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi, with Pardi being one of the personal favorite musicians of Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins.

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