“Slow Down Summer” by Thomas Rhett

Summer usually lasts between the end of June to September in the United States. Public schools and colleges end in May to welcome the summer break, one that many children look forward to as they head off for summer camps and travels.

In addition to all these excitements, summer also welcomes young love, one that Thomas Rhett experienced in his teenage years. Taking inspiration from watching how the colors of the leaves were changing and hearing someone share that they wished “summer would slow down”, Rhett and his team decided to pen a song about it during their songwriting retreat.

“Slow Down Summer” hooks on the emotions from being in an intense relationship whilst knowing every second is of essence, especially since one has about three months to see if they can pursue the commitment further.

Along with the extreme euphoria that accompanies young love during summer, there’s also a tinge of sadness as these young lovers know their days together are counting down. Owing to this, these young lovers hope against hope that summer slows down drastically.


According to Rhett, in all, this song is relating “to an emotion” a lot of people have felt during school summer breaks when you are dating someone you truly like but you know you have just “three months” to strengthen the relationship or risk losing it.

Rhett further went on to share that he wrote “Slow Down Summer” from the perspective of a couple in their senior year of high school. But sadly as the season changes, they’ll be heading off to different schools which brings their relationship under pressure.

Rhett also revealed that the lyrics are autobiographical.

Lyrics to Thomas Rhett's "Slow Down Summer"

The Release of “Slow Down Summer”

The track was released during fall, on 5th November, 2021. It is one of the songs on Rhett’s sixth album, “Where We Started”. The entire project was backed by Big Machine Records.

Buzz on Instagram

On the day of release, Rhett posted a video on his Instagram account announcing the single will be up at midnight. He also shared that he will be releasing two albums next year (2022). The announcement created quite a huge excitement amongst his fans.

The Songwriting Team Behind “Slow Down Summer”

Rhett, partnered with the below songwriters/producers in writing down “Slow Down Summer”.

  • Rhett Akins
  • Ashley Gorley
  • Sean Douglas
  • Jesse Frasure (“DJ Telemitry”)

FYI: Co-writer, Rhett Akins, is also a well-known country music star whose notable hits include “Don’t Get Me Started” and “That Ain’t My Truck”. In addition to his music career, he is also known for being the father of Thomas Rhett.

Slow Down Summer

Did “Slow Down Summer” chart?

Yes. “Slow Down Summer” achieved top-5 status in Canada. In the United States, it charted in at least three Billboard charts, including the highly prestigious Hot 100 chart, where it was a top-50 hit.

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