Halsey’s “Lilith” Lyrics Meaning

For starters, it has been ascertained that the title of this song was inspired by a painting entitled Lady Lilith. As such classic, centuries’ old pieces tend to go, some individuals have found deep meaning in it, with even the titular Lilith herself being a character that dates back to Biblical lore

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It has also been noted that relatedly Lilith is considered a kind of feminist icon. So perhaps such an interpretation is what has inspired Halsey to liken herself to this figure, obviously being somewhat of a romantically independent woman herself. 

Or, all lyrics considered, she may be alluding more to the Biblical understanding of the term. In the Bible, Lilith is understood as a creature of the night.

The Lyrics of “Lilith”

But that being established, this song is actually based on a theme we have thus far found recurrent in “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”, which itself is a concept album. And that would be depictions of a young lady who, shall we say is perpetually involved in ungratifying romantic relationships. 

Indeed due to being the victim of a less-than-favorable past, it seems as if she has by and large lost the ability to love. This is on top of developing quite a hostile and defensive personality.

So in this case, similar to “Bells in Santa Fe“, Halsey, taking on the role of said character herself, is addressing a romantic interest. And once again, what she is basically telling him is not to get his hopes up too high in regards to this relationship. And why? That’s because as for the vocalist, she is too “focused” to “fall in love”. 

Moreover, most simply put she depicts herself as damaged goods, akin to another track from the album, “The Tradition“. Or let’s say that at this point in time, the narrator is more concerned with keeping it real with herself than perpetuating a romantic relationship (i.e. the title of the album). 

And the real her is someone who, as fate would have it, tends to “just f–k things up”, having “been corrupted” and all, as opposed to maintaining what may ultimately, under different circumstances, prove to be a lasting relationship.

The Conclusion of “Lilith”

The song eventually concludes with the singer becoming more philosophical than self-analytical. And initially, what she appears to be saying is something like ‘give so that you can receive’ which, as with the rest of the song, is put into a relationship type of context. 

But before closing out, Halsey also noted how exploitative people can be. So the implication is along the lines of the more vulnerable and caring that you are, the more people will take advantage of you. 

And we will take that as an illustration/encapsulation of the type of experiences the vocalist has gone through in life. And these experiences have fashioned her into the woman she is today, as presented.

Halsey, "Lilith" Lyrics

Facts about “Lilith”

Halsey put this song together alongside the following co-writers:

  • John Cunningham
  • Atticus Ross
  • Trent Reznor

The latter two musicians also served as the producers of “Lilith”.

The aforementioned “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” is recognized as Halsey’s fourth studio album. It and “Lilith” were released on the date of 27 August 2021. And the entire project is a product of Capitol Records. It was officially supported by these singles:

FYI, Halsey became a mother for the first time in July of 2021. She released this album just weeks after giving birth.


Lady Lilith

The aforementioned painting, Lady Lilith, dates back to the 1860s. It was rendered by a mutli-faceted English artist named Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). The original model was a mistress of his named Fanny Cornforth (1862-1909). 

However, in the early 1870s the face on the painting was altered to rather reflect that of another woman, a model Rossetti worked with regularly, one Alexa Wilding (1847-1884). Either way, it remains a pretty stunning piece.

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