“Still Learning” by Halsey

Halsey’s “Still Learning” is one of those types of song in which the pop artist tasks herself with delineating some of the negative effects of being a celebrity. For instance, she’s ‘paranoid’ and always needs a “security team” around. She has self-esteem issues despite “living the dream” of fame and wealth. And as far as said wealth goes, she has family members who are basically milking her. 

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Moreover romantic interests are “intimidated” by her because she’s a boss lady, so she is also having a challenging time finding a committed lover.  Additionally she experiences stress due to perpetually being in the spotlight.  But this is not to imply that she is always a victim, for she has committed her fair share of acts which have “hurt” others also. Yet despite having all of these issues to deal with and always being with other people, ‘no one around her knows’ what she is going through internally. 

But the solution she perceives to the situation is loving more. Or stated otherwise, she is ‘still learning to love herself’. And the implication is that her realizing a higher degree of self-love will also translate into her treating her friends better. So maybe what she is trying to say in “Still Learning” is that the stress she is under as a result of being a music star sometimes causes her to mistreat the ones whom she actually loves.

Lyrics of "Still Learning"

Writing and Production Credits

The writers of “Still Learning” are Halsey, Romy Madley Croft, Ed Sheeran, Louis Bell and Fred Gibson. The latter two are also credited as the official producers of the track.

Release Date of “Still Learning”

Capitol Records released “Still Learning” on 17 January 2020 as part of the playlist of Halsey’s album “Manic”.

Is this Ed Sheeran’s first time working with Halsey?

No. Both Sheeran and Halsey had worked together before their collaboration on “Still Learning”. The pair first worked together on the 2018 Benny Blanco hit song “Eastside“.

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