“Gimme” by Sam Smith (ft. Jessie Reyez & Koffee)

Sam Smith has already blatantly revealed that “Gimme” is a sex song. That said, besides for a reference to ‘nutting’ in the first verse, the lyrics of this piece aren’t necessarily what we would classify as being overtly risqué, at least not by today’s standards. 

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In fact more than any other passage, it is the second verse, as led by Koffee, which plainly establishes the idea that the vocalist is looking forward to getting physical with the addressee. And even then, she comes off as being genuinely in love rather than hot and horny in and of itself.

So we know that what the vocalist(s) is entreating the addressee to do is bring their body, i.e. give up some sex. And maybe the audio presentation does a better job of relaying that aspiration. But as for the lyrics, they are quite ambiguous as far as contemporary sex songs go. Or let’s conclude by saying that they rely heavily on inference and repetition as opposed to brashness or even innuendos per se.

Sam Smith's "Gimme" Lyrics

Release Date of “Gimme”

This track was released through Capitol Records on 11 January 2023. It is officially the third single from Sam Smith’s forthcoming LP, “Gloria”. The album’s first two singles are: “Love Me More” and “Unholy“.

The initial teasing of this track is said to have taken place in early December 2022, via Twitter.

There are actually two tracks on the album in which the very-successful mid-2010s’ British singer teams up with Jessie Reyez, a Canadian songstress who came out around the same time, with the other being titled “Perfect”. The pair has actually worked together in the past, on a 2018 track Smith co-headlined with Calvin Harris called “Promises“, upon which Reyez was featured.

To note, Jessie is not given an actual verse on this song but rather serves as the lead vocalist of the chorus.


Koffee may be deemed a lesser-known artist than her co-stars, as she hails from Jamaica (where “Gimme” was actually written). Jamaica is a country whose music industry is a lot smaller than that of the UK or Canada. 

Koffee does have a Grammy under her belt, that being for Best Reggae Album, which her EP “Rapture” (2019) won in 2020. Also her first full-length, 2022’s “Gifted”, has been nominated in the same category for the upcoming 2023 Grammy Awards. This is the first time she has dropped a track with either Sam Smith or Jessie Reyez.

Credits “Gimme”

The three vocalists are credited with writing this song beside StarGate. StarGate is made up of Tor Erik Hermansen & Mikkel Storleer Eriksen.

Jimmy Napes is also credited as a co-writer.  

Napes, Smith and StarGate also co-produced “Gimme” alongside Anju Blaxx.


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