“Love Is A Game” by Adele

“Love is a Game” is a tune by English sensation Adele that broke the internet with its release on 19th November 2021. It is from her long-awaited 2021 album “30”.

The England native for nearly a decade and a half has captured the hearts and minds of music-loving souls worldwide with her expansive vocal range, gaining her massive respect among performing artists of her generation. The album is the fourth by the English singer-songwriter Adele with fifteen tracks.

“Love is a Game”

Our feature song “Love is a Game” is 12th on the album. It was co-written with British producer Inflo (who subsequently handled its production too).

Adele performed this song at the “One Night Only” during the “Adele One Night Only” show (which was highlighted by the singer being interviewed by legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey).

Lyrics of “Love is a Game”

The lyrics of this track dives into finding love again and playing the game that comes with it. The aforementioned is evident in the chorus where Adele refers to love as “a game for fools to play”.

Lyrics of "Love Is A Game"

While performing the song live at the aforementioned show, Adele delightfully shared something interesting with her audience. She talked about how we don’t have the ability to “control bloody anything” and therefore advises that we just go with the flow.

The song in itself reflects on Adele’s decade-long relationship with now-estranged entrepreneur Simon Konecki. Adele entered into a relationship with Simon Konecki in 2011 and together welcomed a son, Angelo James, in October 2012.

The story goes on with Adele confirming that the two presumably wed in 2018 when she was 30 and had a spiteful split in 2019. The “30” album in itself is a blueprint of her failed relationship with Konecki, and the 12th track,” Love is a Game,” tells it all.

If a listener were to listen very attentively to the song’s lyrics, they are sure to get an audiovisual of Adele’s mental state in the song’s making.

Writing Credits

There are two songwriters credited with the composition of this song. The first is the previously mentioned Inflo and the second is Adele of course. Inflo solely produced it – a role he handled on the following songs from “30”:

Love Is A Game

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