“Hot Wind Blows” by Tyler, The Creator (ft. Lil Wayne)

Dropping a collaboration – or two or three – besides Lil Wayne has become a standard in the world of mainstream hip-hop. In terms of being currently active rappers, despite being only 38 years old, Wayne is the most-respected senior statesman in the game. 

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And from his works, other artists know that when they collab with Weezy they need to be on their A game. And yes, this is in fact one of Tyler’s most-impressive verses on “Call Me If You Get Lost”, even though we’ve definitely seen better from Lil Wayne.

“Hot Wind Blows”

That said, “Hot Wind Blows” is your general braggadocio song, not in terms of the artists flaunting riches, though that element is present also. Rather it’s more like ‘I’m the man, and I’m lounging’ type of fare, partially based on a travel motif – as with the overall album itself – especially from Tyler’s perspective. 

And Lil Wayne also mentions engaging in some quality beach chillin’, though again it’s more like your run-of-the-mill Tunechi musings. Indeed the most-notable part of his passage may be when he gives a hearty shoutout to “Wolf Gang”, aka Odd Future, as being namedropped by Weezy in such a manner is definitely a major endorsement.

And as far as the title goes, Tyler tries to flip it to allude to his travels, while Wayne ultimately uses it to point to the idea that he carries a Desert Eagle semi-automatic handgun. But we are compelled to believe that this song was not intended to adhere to its title or vice versa.  Rather it’s more like Tyler utilized a certain sample which references a “hot wind” and went along with the flow.

Lyrics for "Hot Wind Blows"

Odd Future

The aforementioned Odd Future is the name of the clique which Tyler, the Creator used to belong to. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, as they are called in full, also helped launch the careers of Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt before going defunct in 2015. 

And in fact if you were to visit their Wikipedia page at this very moment, the first image is of them performing alongside Lil Wayne in 2012.

“Hot Wind Blows”

The aforementioned sample is from a track entitled Slow Hot Wind (1974) by Penny Goodwin.

“Hot Wind Blows” is from Tyler, the Creator’s sixth studio album, “Call Me If You Get Lost”. And to note one of the tracks on this project, “Manifesto”, features another former Odd Future member, Domo Genesis.

This song was written by Lil Wayne alongside Tyler, the Creator, with the latter producing it. It also interpolates an old Young Money track, featuring Weezy, entitled “Senile” (2014). And for the record, these two rappers have collaborated on three tracks prior, two of them being headlined by Tyler and the other The Game.

“Hot Wind Blows” is a product of Columbia Records.

Hot Wind Blows

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