“A Boy Is A Gun” by Tyler, the Creator

At the core of this track is a guy who perceives a fellow guy as dangerous. The title, “A Boy Is a Gun” is the simile the writer uses to project his view of how perilous this particular boy is. This is most likely why he keeps pleading with him not to shoot the narrator down.

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It is unclear the relationship the writer has with the subject of the song. Considering the lyrics, and rumors of Tyler, The Creator’s sexuality, it is easy to assume that he might be involved with this guy. He makes this known by describing this boy as sweet and his favorite.

The irony of the song is that, Tyler admits that this person makes him very anxious and is the worst choice for him, yet it appears that at a point, he’s asking him to stay because he wants him near. The writer also explains that he sees the boy as a gun because he wants him by his side at all times, yet he’s aware of the danger of carrying a gun around, even to the holder himself.

In the final verse, Tyler tells the subject that he doesn’t want to be bothered about what others say. His feelings towards this boy changes once again and he asks him to stay away since he no longer wants to see him.

“You so motherf–kin’ dangerous
(You started with a mere hello)
You so motherf–kin’ dangerous
You got me by my neck (A boy is a gun)
That’s why I start to think it’s lame as f–k
(Well, I’m here for you)”

Facts about “A Boy Is A Gun”

  • “A Boy is A Gun” was solely written and produced by Tyler, The Creator.
  • The track is the seventh on his 2019 album, IGOR which was released on May 17, 2019.
  • Before its official release, Tyler, The Creator leaked a 28-second snippet of the song on Social media on May 13, 2019.

Did Tyler release this as a single?

No. The album IGOR contains 12 songs. None of these songs came out as a single.

FYI, this is one of the outstanding tracks on IGOR. Other stand out songs from the album include the following:

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