“Gang Gang” by Polo G (ft. Lil Wayne)

Wayne may be lil’, but he’s also a tenured vet as far as professional rap music goes. In fact he may be the only rapper whose career dates back to the 1990s that is still considered to be genuinely cool by the up-and-comers of today. 

And such is how this collaboration apparently came about with Polo G, a rapper who is almost an entire generation younger yet being a true fan of Weezy’s.

Meanwhile in terms of the title of the track, “gang gang” is just basically another way of saying “gang”. And whereas the word gang may have a number of different usages, in the world of hip-hop it would point to the one’s true homeys, who are basically willing to get down and dirty on a moment’s notice. 

And such violent acts, if you will, aren’t particularly random. For instance, Polo G levels such threats of violence against rivals who try to play him like an inferior, as well as of course snitches. 

And Lil Wayne seemingly begins his verse along a similar vein, by calling out informers, though his passage is more along the lines of giving shoutouts to actual street gangs he’s affiliated with. 

He also namedrops a fellow celebrity or two or three, as has sorta been his modus operandi as of late. 

And generally speaking, the vocalists are letting the world know that they do in fact run with some truly dangerous cats.  In other words, Polo G and Lil Wayne are indeed gang-related.

Lyrics to "Gang Gang"
Polo G discusses "Gang Gang"

Facts about “Gang Gang”

The music video to this track was directed by an artist simply known as Rosco.

This is the first team-up between Polo G and Lil Wayne, who are respectively 22 and 38 years old at the time. 

And to note, the former hails from Chicago while the latter New Orleans, both being cities which are in fact known for possessing dangerous street gangs. And as far as their personal affiliations, Lil Wayne is long known to be an associate/member of the Bloods. This is a ‘hood organization that has gone nationwide since its origins in 1970s’ L.A. 

And Polo G has once claimed to be down with a group called the Gangster Disciple Killers, which apparently isn’t a formal organization per se but more like enemies to the Gangster Disciples, one of Chicago’s most notorious street gangs.

Gang Gang

“Gang Gang” was written by Wayne and Polo.  And the producer of the track is Angelo Ferraro.

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