“I Don’t Want Your Money” by Ed Sheeran (ft. H.E.R.)

In the song “I Don’t Want Your Money”, singers Ed Sheeran and H.E.R. portray lovers in a deep romantic relationship. Indeed it appears as if H.E.R. may actually be playing the role of Ed Sheeran’s wife.

It is Ed who dominates this song, in the sense that both of its verses actually belong to him. And what they are centered on is his detailing the angst both he and his lady feel when he is away from home touring.

In terms of his sweetheart, she is frustrated that he spends such long durations of time on the road, to the point where it is obviously negatively affecting her outlook on the relationship. And she is not all lovey-dovey about it, as in idealizing the time when he is around. Rather she misses him so much that she even longs for the days of “pulling out (her) hair” and “getting mad”, as in she even yearns for the moments when he irritates the hell out of her.

But Ed’s rationale for being away is that he has to make that paper. He is on top of his game right now and does not want to take for granted that such public affection will last. Thus he wants to get paid while the getting is good, in the name of taking care of himself and his loved one.

And that brings us to the title of the song. H.E.R. is rebutting this sentiment by telling him that ‘she don’t want his money’. Rather what she actually desires, as mentioned earlier, is ‘just his time’. And Ed totally understands where she is coming from. He even acknowledges that the grandest riches in the world cannot “replace a man’s love in (their) home”.

Final Words  

Ed Sheeran’s forte seems to be love songs. And this track definitely falls into this category but with a fresh twist. H.E.R. takes more of the traditional approach, stating her love outright (specifically in the outro). But Ed is saying his love is manifest via the work he puts in – which sometimes keeps him away from home – to making their relationship materially fruitful. But at the end of the day they both conclude that a steady presence is more important to their romance than “diamonds, silver or gold”.

Lyrics of "I Don't Want Your Money"

Ed’s first ever collabo with H.E.R.

This is the first time Ed Sheeran has dropped a song with H.E.R.

Writers of “I Don’t Want Your Money”

In addition to serving as its vocalists, Ed and H.E.R. both co-wrote the song along with Joe Reeves and Nineteen85. FYI, Ninteen85 is also the track’s producer.

Release Date of “I Don’t Want Your Money”

This collabo was officially released by Asylum Records in alliance with Atlantic Records on 12 July 2019. The track is the 12th track Sheeran’s hit album No. 6 Collaborations Project.

Did Ed release “I Don’t Want Your Money” as a single?

No. In all, there were six singles released to promote No. 6 Collaborations Project. “I Don’t Want Your Money” wasn’t one of them. Here are the album’s 6 singles:

  1. Cross Me
  2. I Don’t Care
  3. Blow
  4. Beautiful People
  5. Antisocial
  6. Best Part of Me

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