“Run” by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Being in love is such that sometimes couples may for whatever reasons fantasize about running away together, being fueled to face the unknown via the strength of their passion. Such an idea is in fact a recurrent theme as far as the music industry is concerned. And so it is, most simply put, with the song we’re dealing with today.

And with that in mind, there really isn’t anything particularly outstanding about the lyrics of “Run”. The one thing that should be noted though is that apparently the characters at the center of this outing have adopted such a disposition due to their romance being persecuted by others, or something like that. Or at least that’s the implication considering their ultimate destination is to reach a location “where no one else is”.

And there are other lyrics that can be interpreted as pointing to the idea that some instrumental figures in their lives, such as Taylor’s “so-called friends”, simply do not approve of their union.  Indeed it is further inferred in the bridge that perhaps they knew such would be the case even before hooking up. 

So maybe it can be further postulated that the two vocalists are partaking of a rebellious love, so to speak. And it is such a personality trait ( i.e. one that would encourage them to do something unapproved of in the name of romance) that is also compelling the pair to “run” from their detractors.

Lyrics of Taylor Swift's "Run"

Run (Taylor’s Version) [From the Vault]

The full-official title of this song is “Run (Taylor’s Version) [From the Vault]”. That would mean, first of all, that this track was issued under Republic Records – who Taylor Swift got down with in 2018 – as opposed to Big Machine, whom she worked with prior. 

And secondly, concerning the “From the Vault” moniker, this is a song that she and Ed Sheeran actually wrote circa 2012. Said penning dates back to the days of Swift’s album Red. Actually Red does in fact feature a duet, “Everything Has Changed”, between Taylor and Sheeran. In fact this song was actually written before that one. But of course “Everything Has Changed” made the cut, while “Run” did not.

More Facts

This track remained lingering in the vault, while Sheeran had hoped, throughout the years, that Taylor would get around to releasing it, as she was the one with the authority to do so. And his wish eventually came through on 12 November 2021. The said date was when “Run” was released along with the album it is featured on. The album in question is “Red (Taylor’s Version)”. 

And since the “Taylor’s Version” is a re-recording of the original “Red”, Ed Sheeran not only re-rendered his vocals to “Run” but also for “Everything Has Changed (Taylor’s Version)”.

Besides for 2013’s “Everything Has Changed”, which was a notable hit, Sheeran was also featured on Tay Tay’s 2017 track “End Game”, which also did quite well for itself.

As far as British solo musicians who were introduced to the industry during the 21st century, none has sold more music than Ed Sheeran. And barring Rihanna, Taylor Swift can be dubbed his American counterpart in that regard. So it is interesting that the two of them have in fact formed a lasting friendship throughout the years.

The producer of this track, alongside Taylor, is Aaron Dessner, who did not participate on the original Red recordings but has been instrumental in putting together the 2021 “Taylor’s Version” of the project.


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